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Danish jazz singer, songwriter and guitarist, Mette Juul releases her 6th album CELESTE November 10th 2023 (Naxos-Prophone). Half of the tracks are personal interpretations of timeless American classics, the rest are modern compositions and original songs written by Juul. The album was recorded with the virtuoso American guitarist Mike Moreno and the award-winning multi-instrumentalist Lars Danielsson. Both also featured on Juul’s EP- New York – Copenhagen (2020)

About the making of the album, Mette Juul says:“ I have wanted to further explore new musical areas with Mike and Lars and to use my voice in new ways, being inspired by their wonderful wealth of ideas and musical input in my storytelling”

First reviews already arrived :

“The only other singer I can recall who achieved that same effect was the late Shirley Horn. Shirley, like Mette, could turn a swinger into a lovelorn ballad and vice versa”.  Lance Liddle -London august 2023.
“this time, I think she stands out as one of the best jazz vocalists within the more “straight” vocal jazz in Europe” Jan Granlie – Salt Peanuts august 2023 Read review 
Single reviews: “Beautiful Love’ whets the appetite for Mette Juul’s reverentially Norma Winstone-esque Celeste” Marlbank UK Read review
“Mette Juul has a natural and sensitive way of singing that creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. Juul is singing with a deep connection to the listener” “a brilliant and wide-ranging use of her voice” Jazzrytmit – Finland

Mette Juul : New York – Copenhagen (2020)

Mette Juul released New York – Copenhagen march 6th 2020. A follow-up to Change from 2019.
Mette Juul – Mike Moreno – Lars Danielsson – Ulf Wakenius – Per Møllehøj.
Produced by Mette Juul – Co-produced by Lars Nilsson.

The new release New York – Copenhagen was recorded in the same period as Change.

Mette Juul : Change (2019)

Jazz singer and songwriter  Mette Juul released the album Change September 6 2019 (Universal Music). On this album, Juul reveals new sides of herself through intimate solo, duo and trio sessions.  Change was recorded partly in Juul´s own home and partly in New York and Sweden.

Anchored in her voice and guitar the music happened in the moment with the musicians in the studio.
The release was produced by Mette Juul in collaboration with sound engineer Lars Nilsson and bass player Lars Danielsson.

Mette Juul is internationally recognized and critically acclaimed for her earlier releases There is a Song(2015), Moon on my Shoulder (2012) featuring Blue Note trumpet player Ambrose Akinmusire alongside others, and the debut album Coming in from the Dark (2010) featuring Palle Mikkelborg and Alex Riel among others.

With Change Juul creates a new sound around her songs and music from Brazil and the U.S.

Juul is joined by a number of remarkable musicians: bass and cello player Lars Danielsson (SE), guitar players Ulf Wakenius (SE), Gilad Hekselman (USA) and Per Møllehøj (DK), all of whom accentuates Juul’s fondness for the guitar. Heine Hansen contributes with piano, celeste, rhodes and the harmonica.

Interview with Mette Juul – All about Jazz 2020

Download Presstext “Change”

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Photos by Alex Nyborg Madsen.


Quotes from reviews:

Celeste – 2023:

“The singular voice that accompanies the melody is truly captivating, perfectly capturing the music’s essence and ambience in a free and authentic way”.
“”Beautiful Love” is a harmonious fusion of jazz and flamenco elements, resulting in a work that touches the hearts of those who are privileged to hear it”. Radio Armazém BRAZIL
“Mette Juul has a natural and sensitive way of singing that creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. Juul is singing with a deep connection to the listener”
“a brilliant and wide-ranging use of her voice” Jazzrytmit Finland

Change – 2019 :

“a major musical accomplishment from Juul”
5 star review : Change – All about Jazz.

“Frau Juul ist eine der ganz großen Vocaljazz-Entdeckungen der letzten Jahre”
6 star review Germany

“Mette Juul is a distinguished vocalist. Her voice is at the same time vulnerable and powerful, and her phrasing is just perfect “ Henrik Palle – Politiken DK

It is the combination of the eminant compositions / songs, the high musical / technical level and the singer´s calm composure, vocal personality and sound that make the album something out of the ordinary” 5 star review : Change – Ivan Rod – DK

“The voice of Juul is a trademark because it flows naturally with the essens of the music”
Review – Change – Musica Jazz – Italy.

“what a delightful listening experience it is”
Review – CHANGE – Lance Liddle – London

“Sången är personlig och varm, hon visar en stor äkthet och en bedövande närvaro i sina sånger, med texter, som inte bara är tilltalande, utan fängslande”
Review – Change – Opulens – Sweden.

“Det här albumet är verkligen lätt att tycka om. Mette Juul sjunger andras och egna sånger till eget och andras gitarrackompanjemang, och det är bara att slå sig ner och njuta.”
Review – Change – Kulturdelen Sweden.

There is a Song : Quotes :

“Juul is one of those artists who creep up on you and grow upon you and, as you absorb the melodies and the intriguing lyrics, suddenly you’re in love with a voice” Lance Liddle, London Jazznews.

“Jazz singer and songwriter Mette Juul combines vocal jazz with folk musics warm intimacy
on an elegant album with contributions from the American trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire”…/rastloese-sange-forener-vokaljazz-me…/

“Mette Juul has a bright rich scandinavian voice full of heartfelt presence”
Niels Overgård, Jazznyt, DK.

“affecting delicacy, caressing the lyrics with palpable care…” Jazzwise UK.

“Rich scandinavian voice full of heartfelt presence” Jazznyt, DK.

Concert reviews :

“Sie gilt als eine der besten Jazzvokalistinnen Europas, was ihr Auftreten und ihre warme, klare Stimme im ausverkauften Jazzclub bestätigte” Bamberg Germany – Live concert.

“Sie gilt als eine der besten Jazzvokalistinnen Europas, was ihr Auftreten und ihre warme, klare Stimme im ausverkauften Jazzclub bestätigte. Teilweise zu eigener Gitarrenbegleitung interpretierte sie mit viel Überzeugungskraft, Sinnlichkeit und Courage sowohl eigene Lieder als auch Songs von bekannten Songwritern wie Joni Mitchell, Thelonious Monk und Cole Porter

“Mette Juul und band bringen internationalen Jazz an die Ostsee” 2017

“Die dänische Jazz-Sängerin Mette Juul und Band haben dem Publikum im Mitbürgerhaus einen außergewöhnlichen Jazz-Abend beschert. Die Ausnahmesängerin und ihre vortreffliche Band spielten auf höchsten Niveau und aus einem Guss.” Eckernfoerder zeitung

More :

“Mette Juul ist beinahe eine Offenbarung wie sie heute nur selten zu erleben sind. Natürlichkeit und klarheit wirken empathisch and unterstützen das ungeschribene Dekret, Musik soll kommunikativ sein- und nachhaltig wirken”. Germany – Jazzpodium-Vocal tail.

“Ambrose Akinmusire har en smakfullt framträdande roll på skiven. Jeg fäster mig för hans originale infall, som skickligt vävs in i Mette Juuls uttryckfulla och spännande säng”… “allt till en lysande Mette Juul” Lasse Seger, Orkesterjournalen

“..quietly compelling vocals.”
Marlbank, Stephen Graham

Münich Newspaper (in German) (in Danish)

Jazznyt, DK. (in Danish)

“Mette Juul is a singer whose voice digs deep and creeps slowly into the depths of the mind”.
“Mette Juul takes Lund by storm”

“Mette Juul assert herself in the front line of female vocalists…”
Politiken DK


Articles & Interviews:

Interview with Mette Juul – All about Jazz 2020
Featured album – ABC Jazz Australia 2020.

Interview on Musica Jazz Italy 2015