CELESTE – Release-koncert – November 12 3 pm Tickets
Bartof Station – Copenhagen.

First reviews of CELESTE already arrived :
“The only other singer I can recall who achieved that same effect was the late Shirley Horn. Shirley, like Mette, could turn a swinger into a lovelorn ballad and vice versa”.  Lance Liddle -London august 2023. For more review press press
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“Distance” – single 2 from the album CELESTE (full album out november 10th)


“Beautiful Love” – single 1 from the album CELESTE

Previous albums

Interview with Mette Juul – All about Jazz

Change shows depth and heart, and makes for an outstanding headphone listening experience.Downbeat

“a major musical accomplishment from Juul” 5 star review : Change – All about Jazz.

“Frau Juul ist eine der ganz großen Vocaljazz-Entdeckungen der letzten Jahre” 
6 star review Germany  

Mette Juul & CHANGE is nominated for a DANISH MUSIC AWARD in the category best vocal jazz release.

New York – Copenhagen was released march 6th 2020 and is a part of the same projekt as Change.


Listen to Change and New York – Copenhagen : Spotify – Mette Juul

Mette Juul on instagram

CHANGE – Itunes
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